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From the pulsating heart of New York City’s nightlife, KILLAH CAM emerges as an open-format DJ who embodies the essence of a bona fide party rocker. 


With a career stretching over a decade, KILLAH CAM has meticulously refined his craft, earning a reputation as a maestro of the Lower East Side’s most bustling venues. Drawing inspiration from the city’s rich diversity, Cam seamlessly blends top 40 hits, urban anthems, and timeless classics, resulting in an explosive dancefloor experience. 


Built upon a foundation of drumming prowess and enriched by a storied tenure on the renowned Vans Warped Tour, KILLAH CAM brings a formidable skill set to his performances. Impeccable scratching, rapid-fire mixing, and clever wordplay are all ingeniously scattered throughout his sets like a cascade of sonic confetti, surprising the crowd at nearly every turn.


Cam’s name has graced the columns of Page Six, Consequence of Sound, and rocked stages at esteemed events including the Governor’s Ball Music Festival and AfroPunk. Looking ahead to 2024, KILLAH CAM is gearing up to take his talents to new markets domestically and internationally with the support of Downtown Talent Agency.

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